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Launching a Literacy and Writing Initiative That Actually Sticks 

Superintendent of Meridian CUSD 223, Dr. Caposey, walks us through the process of selecting, adopting, implementing, and evaluating a literacy and writing solution – from Boardroom to Classroom.

Read our top district- and school-level considerations.

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Literacy and writing instruction across grades and disciplines is a common goal, but the path to adoption, commitment, and implementation has many twists and turns. 

  • How do you efficiently vet and select a literacy and writing solution?
  • Once you have a direction how do you build consensus and momentum for adoption?
  • What is the approach to evaluating success on this new path, where twists and turns are inevitable?

Read P.J.'s Agency For All piece, "Where Has all the Writing Gone," and watch the customer story of Meridian CUSD.


PJ Caposey - HeadshotSpeaker: P.J. Caposey

Superintendent, Meridian CUSD 223

P.J. Caposey is a dynamic speaker and transformational leader, and educator, who was recently awarded 2023 Illinois Superintendent of the Year by the Illinois Association of School Administrators. PJ became a principal at the age of 28 and within three years was able to lead a small-town/rural school historically achieving near the bottom of its county to multiple national recognitions. After four years, PJ moved to his current district, Meridian CUSD 223, as superintendent and has led a similar turnaround leading to a myriad of national recognitions for multiple different efforts. PJ is a best-selling author and has written 8 books for various publishers. 


Webinar Video Clips

The Search for a New Writing Solution

 How Much Writing is Taking Place?

Balancing Reading and Writing with ThinkCERCA

How to Implement New Programs


When to Know We need More

It's a Strategy 


Things to Consider 

Evaluating the Effectiveness 

Benefits and Challenges

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