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Core ELAR Suite

Literacy instruction built for future innovators.

A comprehensive year-long Core English Language Arts and Reading Curriculum, providing universal access to guaranteed and viable standards-aligned instruction.


  • High-quality literary and informational texts from the highest quality publications, with a balance of contemporary and classic readings to engage all students
  • An interactive online student experience to support best practices in literacy based on cognitive science
  • Offline student guides to provide structured interactions for engaging and discourse-rich classrooms
  • Detailed facilitation guides to support teachers of all ranges of experience in supporting diverse learners in a personalized and blended classroom
  • A growing selection of longer works units (fiction and non-fiction texts) to support access to volume reading. Custom development available for partnerships of 3 years or more.
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  • Integrated grammar, including curriculum-embedded comprehensive Direct Instruction and skills practice, text-based grammar activities, and personalized grammar activities
  • Vocabulary instruction and strategy practice  that drives deeper learning
  • Technology-enabled scaffolds, including Immersive Reader to support grade-level access to texts and tasks, including visual vocabulary, and translation, providing accessibility for students with diverse learning needs and parents who speak other languages
  • Custom lesson creation tools for instant scaffolding with Immersive Reader and the writing process
  • Support for English Language Learners
  • Embedded assessments including in every lesson
  • Culminating Unit tasks
  • Benchmark Writing Assessments for BOY, MOY, and EOY (professional Benchmark Evaluation Services available)
  • Comprehensive unit assessments and culminating tasks ranging across all genres of reading and writing and a wide range of tasks, including pitch decks and oral presentations
  • ACT and SAT practice assessments
  • Comprehensive reporting suite to drive teamwork and collaboration across grade levels and disciplines to strengthe MTSS 
  • Interoperability with a wide range of SSO, SIS, and LMS providers including Clever, Canvas, Classlink, Google Classroom, and others
  • Direct Instruction and Skills Practice aligned to growth assessments
  • Additional Leveled Reading Practice to build background knowledge
  • Tier 2 interventions to rehearse grade level skills at 10 levels

What's Included

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Writing Curriculum and Literacy Interventions Suite

Close reading and writing modules (ELA, Social Studies, Math, Science) including additional reading practices, skills practices, and direct instruction.

Grades 3-12

CERCA for all subjects

  1. Close reading & writing modules across ELA, Social Studies, Math, and Science
  2. Direct Instruction, Skills Lessons, Additional Reading Practices
  3. Easy-to-assign Benchmark Assessments and ACT/SAT Prep
  4. Ready-made teacher presentations and student guides
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Benchmark Assessments and Evaluation Service

Our benchmark administration and professional scoring service with actionable and personalized feedback.

Grades 3-12

Give Back Time, Get Results

  1. Assessment without extra grading work for teachers
  2. Robust student performance data by school, teacher, classroom
  3. Opportunity to identify growth and instructional strategies for high-impact learning before state assessments 
  4. Actionable insights to help you identify next steps
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Foundational Reading Course

Support secondary students with gaps in decoding and word knowledge.

Grades 6-12

A Linguistic Approach

  1. Assessment to target needed skills
  2. Flexible Tier, Tier 2, or Tier 3 implementation models
  3. Animated instructional videos that introduce topic, skills, and other background knowledge
  4. Personalized skills practice and background building reading passages

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Professional Learning

Annual planning, ongoing training, and on-demand learning to support successful implementation.

District and School Level

We aim to partner, not impart

  1. PL series for deeper learning opportunities, where content and skills development builds over time
  2. PL on-demand with bite-sized content available 24/7 
  3. Data review and strategy
  4. Customization based on district and school needs

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The Research Behind Our Core English Language Arts and Reading Curriculum 

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ThinkCERCA’s school-wide literacy platform was designed for the use of argumentative and informational texts to drive analytical and critical thinking and enable students to write persuasively.


  • How writing-to-learn activities using argumentative text is an important skill for life-long learning. 
  • Why scaffolding to support all students in understanding grade-level texts rather than just simplifying texts in Tier I courses is a cornerstone of the ThinkCERCA approach to improving literacy. 
  • The why behind our Core ELAR: Overarching design, thematic progressions, unit design, goal-setting, reading across genres, text complexity, formal speaking and listening, and more.

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“Writing has to be intentionally taught and practiced in each classroom. ThinkCERCA has been an invaluable tool for us to align writing instruction and bring consistency to expectations and language when teaching and talking about writing.”

Dr. Sha'Ronda McRae
Curriculum Coordinator, Rockdale County Public Schools, Georgia