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Writing Across Curriculum & Literacy Interventions Suite

To be prepared for the world ahead, research shows students need regular writing practice across subjects to consume information, think about it critically, and express their thoughts effectively.

Grades 3-12 for ELA, Social Studies, Math, and Science

Integrated close reading, critical thinking, and writing across subjects with one proven framework

  • Differentiated Curriculum
  • Close Reading Instruction
  • Speaking and Listening Practice
  • ELD Supports
  • Assessment Preparation
  • Data-driven Instruction
  • Academic Writing Instruction

Product Features

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Immersive Reader

Language translation, text-to-speech, syllabication, and more. Support learners with varying reading levels, dyslexia, and language differences.

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Foundational Reading

Support secondary non- decoding students with a science based reading approach. Flexible Tier 1, 2, and 3 implementation models.

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Student/Teacher Reporting

Robust reporting for all stakeholders enables insight that allows whole teams to move as one to drive literacy growth for students.

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Benchmark Assessments

Benchmark assessments in writing for the beginning, middle, and end of the year with personalized growth plans and professional scoring services.

What's Included

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Benchmark Assessments and Evaluation Service

Our benchmark administration and professional scoring service with actionable and personalized feedback.

Grades 3-12

Give Back Time, Get Results

  1. Assessment without extra grading work for teachers
  2. Robust student performance data by school, teacher, classroom
  3. Opportunity to identify growth and instructional strategies for high-impact learning before state assessments 
  4. Actionable insights to help you identify next steps
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Foundational Reading Course

Support secondary students with gaps in decoding and word knowledge.

Grades 6-12

A Linguistic Approach

  1. Assessment to target needed skills
  2. Flexible Tier, Tier 2, or Tier 3 implementation models
  3. Animated instructional videos that introduce topic, skills, and other background knowledge
  4. Personalized skills practice and background building reading passages

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Professional Learning

Annual planning, ongoing training, and on-demand learning for successful implementation.


We aim to partner, not impart

  1. PL series for deeper learning opportunities, where content and skills development builds over time
  2. PL on-demand with bite-sized content available 24/7 
  3. Data review and strategy
  4. Customization based on district and school needs

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One of our big wins is getting that writing across the curriculum and getting our teachers to institute those writing practices which, in turn, create more robust writers so they can write more effectively in their career pathway.

ThinkCERCA has gradually become more of our core programming as opposed to our supplemental programming.


D49 Administrator, Colorado

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