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The 6th-12 Grade Reading Mind: How It Works & Unlocking Grade-Level Success

What does the middle and high schooler brain look like as it’s learning to read? 🧠 📖 Based on those learning highways the mind builds,  how can that inform our instructional strategies?

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Part 1 | The 6th-12th Grade Reading Brain:

How It Works & Unlocking Grade-Level Success




Part 2 | The 6th-12th Grade Reading Brain:

The 6th-12th Grade Reading Brain: 7 Ways to Unlock Grade-Level Success



Only have a few minutes? Check out clips by topic!

Part 1

Research 101 

Foundational Reading

Vocabulary and Wrap-up Q&A

Part 2 

Part 1 Review

Grade Level Text at the
Instructional Level


Higher Level Questions

Summarization and Self-Monitoring Comprehension

Q&A and ThinkCERCA Resources
for Implementation



The Presenters

Dr. Katie McKnight - HeadshotDr. Katherine McKnight

Professor, Teacher, Author, Founder of Engaging Learners

Dr. Katie McKnight is a 15-year distinguished professor, dedicated teacher, and award-winning author. She is the founder of Engaging Learners, an educational company built around her successful Literacy & Learning Center model. Her support for professional learning at the leadership and classroom level has resulted in unprecedented academic achievement in many struggling schools. Dr. McKnight has authored 20 books, including best-selling, The Teacher’s Big Book of Graphic Organizers, winner of the 2013 Teachers’ Choice Award, and Literacy & Learning Centers for the Big Kids, grades 4-12.


Jenny French - Headshot

Jenny French

Developer of Foundational Reading & Linguistics at ThinkCERCA

Foundational Reading Director at ThinkCERCA, experienced literacy coach, former assistant superintendent, teacher, and author of, Help! My Students Write Like They Text. 


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