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Writing to Learn

Building upon decades of literature around writing to learn, this webinar covers best practices to teach writing as a recursive process.

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Writing is a recursive process.

When students learn to write, they're not just putting words on a page. They're constructing arguments, analyzing information, and learning to speak to different points of view.

recursive-writing-processThe writing process offers students the chance to carefully consider the information they consume. Whether they're taking notes, reflecting on the day, or composing a piece of formal writing, it's the act of drafting, reviewing, and revising that helps students develop a critical thinking habit.

For decades, Writing to Learn activities have been used to spur this learning and writing process. In this 35-minute webinar, ThinkCERCA's Director of Partnerships and Director of Curriculum & Instruction will explain how educators can leverage Writing to Learn concepts to guide student through composing a piece of writing.

This recorded webinar covers:

  • The origins of Writing to Learn

  • The importance of writing instruction in modern classrooms

  • How to teach writing as a recursive process across grades and subjects

Originally recorded October 23rd, 2019.