Summer School 2024

Join the ThinkCERCA Success Team as they share insights into making summer school an opportunity for growth.


Thursday, April 4th at 11:00-11:45 AM CT

Attendees will receive our Summer School Tool Kit!

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2024 April Webinar - Summer School

The ThinkCERCA team is here to help you get ready for the summer! Join us to learn how to optimize summer school for your students with:

 ✅ The chance to develop missing skills caused by learning disruption

 ✅ Opportunity to minimize the summer learning gap

 ✅ Structured schedule to improve literacy and writing skills


Find out how you can use ThinkCERCA’s evidenced-based literacy platform to leverage technology to support more effective teaching and learning.


New to ThinkCERCA?

Discover how we can be your comprehensive literacy solution—from direct instruction to benchmark writing assessments, professional scoring, and more—all with demonstrated impact on high school, college, and career readiness.


Meet the Panelists



Andrea Katona

Regional District & School Success Director - West


As a seasoned educator with over 27 years of experience, Andi can tailor learning opportunities to support the diverse needs of administrators and teachers to help them meet their literacy goals. Whether it’s drawing on the experiences of foundational reading from her early years as a kindergarten and first-grade teacher, or pulling out the tips and tricks she learned in her seventh-grade English classroom to motivate reluctant learners, Andi works tirelessly to meet educators where they are to ensure partners have the tools necessary to successfully leverage ThinkCERCA for improved student outcomes. As a former middle school principal of an awarding winning performing arts magnet school and the district director of literacy for the fifth largest school district in the nation, Andi’s experiences with facilitating large-scale improvement efforts provide the right mix of strategy, organization, and knowledge to ensure partners are engaged, feel supported, and are prepared for successful implementation.




Caitlin Vagedes

School Success Manager



Caitlin Vagedes is an educator, author, leader, advocate, and explorer who has devoted her career to educational equality for all children. She started her higher education at the University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Art, Architecture, and Planning, but after a family tragedy, decided to rewrite her story and pursue teaching.  In 2010, her career began at Hughes STEM High School, a year after its founding.  During her time there, she was mentored by the most innovative of educators and helped to establish one of the first schools of its kind in Ohio. Her experience as a secondary English teacher, Team Leader, Department Chair, Reading Specialist, and Instructional Literacy Coach has empowered her to empower the voices of others within her community. Caitlin was a Mary Louise Schroth Scholarship recipient and a Dr. Lawrence C. Hawkins Educator of the Year Finalist.



Emily Wilson

Director of Success - East



As a seasoned educator, school leader, professional coach, and ed reform advocate, Emily can engage, support, push, and inspire teachers, school administrators, and district leaders as they leverage ThinkCERCA to meet their goals. Whether pulling from her experience teaching English to a classroom of speakers of 10+ languages, serving as a founding administrator for what quickly became one of Chicago’s highest performing K-8 schools, coaching educators in turn-around schools, or leading and facilitating large-scale literacy & instructional improvement efforts in one of the nation's largest urban districts, Emily has the right mix of instructional knowledge and large-scale implementation strategy to help partners ensure all necessary stakeholders are engaged, prepared, supported and successful. 


Lauren Vander Pluym

School Success Manager & Senior Instructional Designer


Lauren is well-equipped to support the Racine Unified School District. With a background in designing and delivering professional learning sessions, she engages teachers and administrators effectively. Lauren excels in project management, designing materials for custom curriculum alignments, and brings a diverse skill set as an EdTech curriculum designer, DEI facilitator, and more. Her empathetic and growth mindset, coupled with a commitment to blended learning, make her an ideal representative. In her new role, Lauren focuses on professional learning, aiming to nurture successful school partnerships and help educators achieve their goals for student growth. Her multifaceted expertise positions her as a valuable asset in supporting Racine Unified with ThinkCERCA’s resources.