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Instead of ‘finding your passion,’ try developing it, Stanford scholars say

Carol Dweck, known for her research into mindsets, addresses a new question: "Are interests fixed qualities that are inherently there, just waiting to be discovered? Or are interests qualities that take time and effort to develop?"

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Helping CAOs Make the Shift to Personalized Learning

With the rapid transformations today's schools face (and tomorrow's schools will face) the CAO position sometimes look like a "chief change management architect" role. In this post, Tom Vander Ark discusses ways that top leadership can take the reigns when it comes to shifting practices.

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He Designed Restaurants, Hotels and Stage Sets. Now He Tackles a Middle School.

A Tony-award winning set designer worked on the layout of a New York City school, hoping to create "a space for memories, from the first moment of the school day to the last."

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Digital Devices in the Classroom Can Hinder Long-Term Retention

Should laptops be used to take notes in class? Research shows that while students might comprehend lessons in real-time, their longterm retention of material can suffer.

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The Opportunity Myth

In a beautifully designed website, The New Teacher Project dives into "the opportunity myth" – and how what students spend their time on in school doesn't always translate to learning the skills they need to succeed in life after school.

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