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Literacy as a Tool for Student Engagement

Learn about the psychological factors and practical approaches to cultivating engagement.

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Student learning doesn’t happen without student engagement. When students are actively engaged in the learning process, research shows that they retain information better, are more likely to be hopeful for the future, and have a greater chance of attending higher education. However, recent studies also indicate that about two-thirds of students are not fully engaged in school.

That’s why this webinar – led by Dr. Chris Balow, Executive Director of Research at ThinkCERCA – will explain how district leaders can use a literacy initiative to cultivate student engagement. In this recorded presentation, educational leaders will learn about the psychological and cultural factors that can greatly increase student engagement when integrated with an evidence-based framework to deliver literacy across the curriculum.

This literacy framework – CERCA – will help administrators support teachers to incorporate these critical psychological factors with practical approaches to cultivate student engagement by emphasizing reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills across the curriculum.


Within a literacy initiative, student engagement will increase through abundant opportunities to collaborate with peers, develop deeper connections to learning, and see the real-world applications of classroom instruction.

Originally recorded March 27, 2019