Anti-Racism Vision and Objectives

Our Vision: All students are empowered with the tools to act as change agents to build a just and equitable society.

    ThinkCERCA's Anti-Racism Objectives

    Objective #1: Curriculum & Instruction

    ThinkCERCA will meaningfully improve our curriculum library and professional learning services to reflect our commitment to being an anti-racist organization. We will equip our partners with a curriculum that reflects the diversity of our learners. We will offer lessons with texts that represent diverse authors and tasks that challenge thinking and oppressive systems. We will teach Black history, teach anti-racism, and foster a spirit of social justice through critical thinking.

    Objective #2: Organizational Culture & Practices

    ThinkCERCA will build on previous work of unconscious bias training and offer regular, meaningful anti-racism training for staff. We will implement effective diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies that support the hiring, promotion, and retention of BIPOC at every level of the organization such that every employee feels respected and included.

    ThinkCERCA will invest resources including time, funding, and services to organizations and groups led by BIPOC to support and sustain the much needed anti-racism movement.

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