Webinar: Empowering Your Team to Close the Achievement Gap

How to Foster Supportive Classroom Environments

Despite decades of analysis and limited progress, achievement gaps persist for many of our nation’s students—from low-income students and students from various racial backgrounds to students with disabilities and those learning English as a new language.

One of the most important things any school or district leader can do to address the disparities in educational outcomes is to lead a culture of supportive classroom environments.

In this webinar, former Boston Public Schools district leader and ThinkCERCA’s Director of Professional Learning and School Design, Kavita Venkatesh, will share two practical strategies for creating healthy environments that lead to achievement for all students.

  • Strategy 1: Ongoing Feedback with Consistent Terminology
  • Strategy 2: Increasing Student Engagement
Dr. Venkatesh will discuss how these two research-based approaches work together to create classroom environments where all backgrounds are valued and every student is motivated to reach his or her potential.