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What Instructional Leaders Do to Create a Positive Culture with Students and Teachers

The culture conversation comes up often among entrepreneurs, with founders often asking themselves, “How do I create an environment that fosters [innovation/inclusivity/creativity]?” While individual employees contribute to and participate in a workplace culture, a shared vision and mission must be facilitated by leadership. The same rings true for education spaces.   

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How Design Thinking Became a Buzzword in Schools

Like “growth mindset” and “grit,” the term “design thinking” has garnered fast praise and eager adoption in schools. Also similar to these terms, “design thinking” has been over-simplified and condensed into checklists and infographics, when in fact the concept is far more complex to fully comprehend. The Atlantic takes a dive into what design thinking in schools should look like: not an action or a curriculum, but a process and a culture. 

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Making a Difference in Schools Through Art

Murals are the hallmark of a startup office. They’re inventive, they’re aesthetically pleasing, they provoke thought, and they encourage pride for a workspace. Schools can replicate that collaborative, hard-working, and imaginative atmosphere by recruiting local artists to adorn blank walls. And research backs it up: By investing in school culture, we can impact student achievement.

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Toolkit: Design Thinking for Educators

Understanding design thinking is one thing. Showing a large team with diverse needs how to implement the process is another. That’s where the Teachers Guild comes in. The group, backed by eminent design firm IDEO, has crafted various resources to help school leaders solve everyday challenges through design thinking. Their free toolkit will give you everything you need to get started. 

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Beyond the Performance Review: 6 Tips for Giving Teachers Quick and Consistent Feedback

Instructional leaders place a lot of emphasis on teachers giving students rapid feedback, but we don’t do this nearly enough with our team. This is a missed opportunity to practice what we preach while building a positive schoolwide culture and supporting professional growth. 

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Quote of the month:

“In every success story, you will find someone who has made a courageous decision.”

–Peter F. Drucker